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About Us

Beth & Tom White-O'Connor

Tom and Beth White-O’Connor are not your average real estate agents. They employ a unique methodology when it comes to selling homes. With twenty years experience in the home decorating and remodeling industry they have an unparalleled ability to make a home look its best. And when a house looks like a home, it sells!


This boutique real estate team is dedicated to the sale of your home and they bring a passionate attitude to their work. Each and every client is important to Tom and Beth, from those looking to sell their luxury home to couples looking to upgrade from their modest starter condo, and it shows in their work. Instead of just listing your home for sale, Beth and Tom spend time and energy making sure it looks spectacular. As part of their service, they assist their clients with staging, furniture and artwork rearranging, decluttering, touch-up painting, updating lighting and faucets if needed and more. Their goal is to make the house look its best in a short amount of time with as little hassle as possible for their sellers. If more extensive updating needs to be done to really make the house shine, they’ll act as general contractors and bring in trusted sub-contractors to get the job done, quickly and at a reasonable cost.

Then, when they list your home, the photographs look beautiful, it shows wonderfully, buyers fall in love with the home and it sells quickly, not to mention for a higher than average price.  That’s what sellers want and Tom and Beth have exceeded their sellers’ goals to make that happen.


Helping home buyers to find a home they'll love is another passion of Tom and Beths. They're patient and are able to help clients to see through the surface of a home and identify whether it's a good fit for their needs.


With a wealth of experience as real estate agents, real estate investors, property managers and remodelers they understand the real estate industry from top to bottom.  Tom & Beth provide excellent service while keeping their client’s goals at the forefront at all times. They’re also fun to work with and they have a way of making the selling process smooth and easy. 


Contact them for to find out more and see how they could help you with the sale of your home.


Beth White-O'Connor

Beth is a Licensed Real Estate Broker at White-O'Connor Real Estate in Boulder. Her friends coined the term "Realatractor" to describe one of Beth's unique talents. That's the combination of a Realtor and a Contractor and it aptly describes her expertise. Beth loves fixing up houses! Prior to becoming a realtor, she was a contractor for over 20 years specializing in Wallpapering, Painting and  Home Design. She's been the contractor and project manager for numerous "Fix and Flip" investment properties we've done.


When we take on a listing, Beth loves to figure out what things can be done in a short time frame and on a modest budget to make the home show beautifully. She's a wizard at it and it's a service that we offer to interested clients. See our photo gallery for examples.


Being very detailed and organized, Beth also keeps things flowing smoothly. Real Estate is a business of details, with lots of dates, deadlines, contracts to review, etc. Beth keeps everything rolling smoothly along, which our clients love.


On the personal side, Beth loves to bike (especially at night), do yoga and fitness classes at the Y, read and stream Netflix

Tom White-O'Connor

Tom, is the Managing Broker at White-O'Connor Real Estate in Boulder. The nice thing about having two realtors on our team is that we each bring different skills to the table. This is a good thing, because Real Estate involves so many different skills, including: Negotiation; Communication; Analysis; Writing Contracts; and Managing Details. We always wonder how any one person could do it all well.


Tom has a diverse background that includes a Masters Degree in Research and Statistics as well as experience in Teaching, Training. and Consulting. Tom loves to research the market. For Sellers, this means he can accurately estimate what price a home will sell for.  For Buyers, Tom loves to search for houses and is great at finding the right house that meets our clients needs perfectly .


He's also a good listener and communicator.  Real Estate is a communication and negotiation business and Tom is able to create successful working relationships that are enjoyable too!


Outside of the business, Tom loves to play music and perform. He plays guitar, harmonica, sings and write songs and has a band called The Tube Sox that plays gigs now and then and every year at the Bolder Boulder!

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