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Working with Buyers

Jessica & Steve - Erie Home Purchase

Front of Primrose Home

I cannot even begin to say enough about Tom and Beth... I feel a written review can never do them justice. They are amazing realtors and words can't express how patient, kind and hard working they were through the buying process.  They tirelessly showed us home after home and really understood exactly what we were looking for.  The BEST thing I have to say about Tom and Beth is that throughout the negotiation process, they advised us and fought for the very best price and inclusions, and we got a GREAT deal on an awesome home.

Sherry - Longmont Condo Purchase

Gooseberry Dr Longmont condo

I was a first-time home buyer, after renting for nearly forty years. I was utterly clueless. I am also totally blind, so I was going to depend on my realtor to be honest and descriptive regarding homes, neighborhoods and anything else. From the first time we met, Tom grasped immediately little things like how to guide me through an unfamiliar place. But more importantly for this review, he understood what I was looking for, asked questions, let me ask questions and explained everything I needed to know. I would give Tom and Beth the highest recommendation possible. I'd recommend them to my family and my dearest friends, knowing anyone they worked with would get stellar assistance. I hope I don't have to buy another home down the road, but if I did, the first person I would call would be Tom.

Matty & Nate - Boulder Home Purchase

Boulder Ranch Home on Floral Dr.

As young first time home-buyers, living in a relatively new city, being able to trust our realtors was definitely really important to us. Tom and Beth were perfect.  I think what I loved most about working with Tom and Beth was that, despite the fact that we are pretty young and had no idea how to buy a house, they were never condescending or frustrated with us and they always gave us their honest opinions when we asked. They were excited to help us through the process and did everything they could to put us into an awesome house and make the whole process painless. I would recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell a house, and I have! Recently one of my coworkers got in touch with them and now he is a happy homeowner.

We Love Working With Buyers!

As a Buyer, you have a lot of choices of Realtors to work with. You’ll want to work with someone whom you feel comfortable with and who can provide the kind of service and expertise that you want. Here are some of the things that we provide to our clients who are shopping for a new home.


Personalized “High Touch” Service

When you work with us, you get us, two of us in fact. We work with a small number of clients at a time so that we can provide a very high level of service. We are very available and responsive and we spend lots of time with our clients looking at property, doing research for them, handling all the details of the process, etc.


House Knowledge

We ran a home decorating and remodeling company in Boulder for over 20 years. We understand houses, construction and remodeling. We can help you to see beyond the surface condition and appearance of a house and see if it has good potential for what you are looking for. Many buyers get turned off by a really great house that is messy or shows poorly. At the same time, some houses can look great but have some serious issues. We can help identify that as well.


Finding the Right House

We love to search for houses. It’s a hobby as well as a job for us. We are on top of the market and run automated searches that alert us throughout the day when a suitable property for you comes on the market or has a price change. These days, acting quickly can be the difference between getting a home or losing out to another buyer. We make sure that you’re finding the houses you want and in a timely fashion.


Getting a House for the Right Price

Tom has a Masters degree in Statistics and loves to analyze the market to understand the right price to pay for a property. You’ll want to know what a home that you want to buy is really worth so you can make an appropriate offer. Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive, understandable information that will allow you to make an informed decision.


Managing the Details

Once you have a home under contract, there are a million details that need to be managed to complete the transaction successfully. You’ll need an Inspection, Title work, a Survey, an Appraisal, a review of HOA documents, etc. etc. Beth is the expert on this part of the process. She is extremely organized and detailed. She will guide you through all these hoops and make it as painless as possible. We have lots of great referrals for all the services that you’ll need and we work closely with you through this entire process.


Fun People to Work With

Looking for a house is Fun! At least we think so. It’s exciting and’s where you’re going to live! We enjoy driving around with our clients looking at houses, talking about the house and brainstorming ideas and possibilities. We’ve done it for a lot of years and we still get excited about it. It’s always new. So, we’re fun to be with. We’re easygoing and good listeners and communicators. You will be spending a lot of time with your Realtor, so we like to make it an enjoyable time together.
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