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What Our Clients Have to Say

Mountain Home Purchase

Tom and Beth were absolutely invaluable to us at every step in the home buying process.  They truly have gone above and beyond, researching and looking into details on our behalf, helping us find the home that was perfect for us, managing an extended closing with complicated inspections, and guiding us through dealing with a difficult seller.  They are kind, helpful, authentic people, and we feel truly lucky that we found them.  Hopefully we'll be in our new home for a long time, but if we ever have to buy or sell real estate again, we know exactly who we're going to. I have recommended them at every possible opportunity.  These guys are fantastic!  Tom and Beth, thank you so much for everything!!


Lafayette Home Sale

We are extremely pleased that we chose Tom and Beth to help us sell our house. Their knowledge of the market, combined with their willingness to roll up their sleeves to help us get our house ready, resulted in a quick sale at a price that exceeded our expectations.


Unlike many realtors that simply list the property, Tom and Beth use a collaborative approach. They offered their insight on areas that needed attention and how to best stage our house, and actually did much of the work themselves. Once the house was ready, they provided the most up-to-date market data and helped us determine the correct price to achieve our goal. They provided feedback after every showing to help us understand what potential buyers and realtors were saying.


Once we received an offer they negotiated expertly on our behalf, placing the importance on getting us the right deal as opposed to just getting the deal done.

If you are looking for market knowledge, commitment and hard work, Tom and Beth are the team for you.


Boulder Home Sale & New Home Purchase

I believe the BEST Boulder area realtors are Tom and Beth White- O'Connor.  I could honestly write a book about the ways they exceeded our expectations, both in selling our home and then buying our new home.  They really put their heart and souls into helping us prepare our home so it would look its absolute best with mostly inexpensive updates.  They were happy to pitch in and work on the house themselves, lining up people to help with some bathroom updates, and finding the right accessories to show off our home.   I strongly feel that it was their expertise in preparation and staging and then holding multiple open houses that sold our home in 12 days! The other homes in our neighborhood had been on the market for over a year!  Then they helped us find just the right house to buy and worked it out so we could close on both homes in one day- it came off perfectly!


Lafayette Home Purchase

WOW am I lucky to have found Tom and Beth!!!

Looking for and buying a house in a new market turned out to be a much more challenging process than I expected. I met Beth and Tom at an open house that I happened to drive by. From the very beginning they asked good questions about our house search. We began looking at homes and they quickly dialed in to what I was looking for.


The market was so tight that they suggested writing back up offers in order to get a contingency offer accepted. Thankfully this strategy paid off when a backup offer came through after the original offer fell through. The house we ended up buying was exactly what we hoped for!!! They were so dedicated to our search they even sent out a series of letters to owners who failed to sell their homes in the previous year and had taken their homes off the market. They are an amazing team!


Beth and Tom helped juggle all of the logistics for the sale and closing went off without a hitch.

Meeting Beth and Tom at a random open house turned out to be an amazing stroke of good luck! I would highly recommend them for either buying or selling a home!


Longmont Condo Purchase

I was a first-time home buyer, after renting for nearly forty years. I was utterly clueless. I am also totally blind, so I was going to depend on my realtor to be honest and descriptive regarding homes, neighborhoods and anything else. From the first time we met, Tom grasped immediately little things like how to guide me through an unfamiliar place. But more importantly for this review, he understood what I was looking for, asked questions, let me ask questions and explained everything I needed to know. As we visited various properties, he'd describe everything about it, from paint colors, to room layouts to exterior maintenance and neighborhood. I was looking for a condo, and he'd describe the rest of the environment.


At the closing, an extremely emotional moment for me, they sat with me, rejoiced and cried with me, knowing exactly what this day meant. I would give Tom and Beth the highest recommendation possible. I'd recommend them to my family and my dearest friends, knowing anyone they worked with would get stellar assistance. I hope I don't have to buy another home down the road, but if I did, the first person I would call would be Tom.



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