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Happy Holidays!

We wanted to wish you all a very Happy Holiday season! It's the time of year when we feel particularly grateful for all of our wonderful clients and friends and for our good fortune to live here in such a beautiful place. So, Thank You, and we wish you and your family all the best.

Here is a poem on that theme of Gratitude written by my amazing mom, a poet and optimist who could find joy in the smallest things, including a kitchen window to her little backyard.

This morning early I pulled back

The kitchen curtains with thanks

For this small act

How blessed am I

To open my kitchen to the world

How blessed to greet the little squirrel

To welcome the small bird

To the bare maple tree and

To say to the four tall pines

Remember when you were small

Remember when life was different

Be grateful for what is now

Yes grateful to have this space

To call my own to welcome

All who sometimes call to share

My space, my good life

I pray to remember the years

And hope for more

By Tina O'Connor

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