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A New Listing in Table Mesa & A Market Update

Spring is in the air, the clocks have changed, the days are getting longer and it must be time for a spring snow storm! Looks like the flakes will be falling this week. Meanwhile....if you're in the market for a really special Ranch style home, with all one level living, 3 Beds and 2 Baths and incredibly beautiful landscaping, we have just the place for you. Here's a link to the listing, click here. We'll be holding an Open House on Sunday 3/17 from 12-2 and it would be great to see you.

And of course, we know you're all interested in knowing what's up with the market so far this year. Here's a brief summary of the highlights. The information below is for Detached Single Family homes in Boulder city and then Boulder County.

Statistics for Detached Homes in the City of Boulder

January 1 - March 12 2024

January 1 - March 12 2023

Median Sale Price






Days to Under Contract



New Listings



Statistics for Detached Homes in Boulder County

January 1 - March 12 2024

January 1 - March 12 2023

Median Sale Price






Days to go Under Contract



New Listings



In a nutshell, prices are down about 2.5% in the city of Boulder and up about 1% in the county year over year. At the same time, there have been a lot more listings on the market this year in the county, about 25% more and 6% more in the city of Boulder. Sales are up 38% in the city of Boulder and 48% in the County. Those are big increases fueled by the increase in the number of new listings this year. It's taking longer to sell this year in the city of Boulder but the county is taking a little less time to sell.

Overall, as you can see, there's a lot more market activity this year compared to last year and prices haven't moved too much, which are good signs for buyers. It's also a mixed market, in which houses that are in really nice condition sell quickly and ones that are in poor condition take a long time to sell. However, houses selling over list price are rare these days, as are multiple offers.

As always, let us know if we can answer any questions or help you with your real estate needs. Have a good spring!


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